DC Carpet Cleaning Tips

How to Care for your Area Rug

  • 1. Rotation - Periodically rotating your area rug at least once a year will help to promote even wear throughout.
  • 2. Padding - Provides cushion and protection from surface abrasion (yarn) on your area rug.
  • 3. Vacuuming - Removes harmful soil deposits, and grooms the area rug for optimum look and longevity.
  • 4. Spots and Stains - Timely removal of spots and stains can prevent permanent damage from food, liquids and dirt.

10-Steps to Upholstery Cleaning

  • 1. Fabric Testing
  • 2. Area Prep
  • 3. Pre-Vacuuming
  • 4. Pre-Spot
  • 5. Pre-Groom
  • 6. Soil Extraction and Rinse
  • 7. Neutralize
  • 8. Post Groom
  • 9. Speed Dry
  • 10. Post Cleaning Inspection

Pet Soil your Area Rug, Carpet or Upholstery?

  • (For wool & water safe textiles only!)
  • 1. Immediately scoop up as much of the spill as possible.
  • 2. Take a terry cloth or microfiber towel, place on the stain, step and push into the towel until all moisture is transferred into towel. Do not rub.
  • 3. Place club soda/seltzer/water (whichever is available) into the stain, leave for 1 minute, repeat step 2 with fresh towel.
  • 4. Nature's Miracle is the only product that we suggest you use before a service call.
  • IMPORTANT: The above does not apply to hydrophobic textiles such as silk, linen, velvet, viscose, chenille, and others.

Benefits of Carpet Deodorizing in Your Home

  • Deodorizing your carpeting and upholstery will help ensure your home is left smelling fresh and odor free by:
  • 1. Locating and removing foul odors at their source.
  • 2. Killing and removing bacteria that are the root causes of most odors.
  • 3. Providing a healthier germ-free environment for your family, children and pets.
  • 4. Utilizing safe and environmentally friendly cleaners.